Fashion Show and Contest “Shoe Style 2013”

This Tuesday I went to the fashion show and contest “Shoe Style 2013” that took place in the Expo-centre near the Moscow City. It is organised by the Moscow Government University of Arts and Design for the 21st time. 

I was invited by my friend, who was a model for one of the designers. I really like this show! Very interesting accessories, some of them are really grotesque, but it didn’t spoil the whole picture of the collections and the show. There, if I am not mistaken, were 48 young designers who were competing for winning the contest. And the designer, whom my friend represented, won the first place! Yeah! 🙂
Here are some photos from the show. The name of the first collection is “Checkmate”. I like the design of the black-and-white coat and all of the furring! It reminds me of the Queens gowns and their trains. Very good collection! Appreciate it! 

This is my friend Ira, ahe is a model and a photographer. Her works you can find HERE.
And this is the collection that won the first place!

Also famous russian fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitcev, more commonly known as Slava Zaitcev, visited this fashion contest and also he was one of the jury.
I hope that I won’t miss nex fashion show or fashion contest! So in love mith them!
xoxo, Enn.


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