“Game of Thrones” Gallery in Texas

Yesterday in Ostin, Texas, on the computer games, music and films festival SXSW was opened a “Game of Thrones” gallery. There true fans of these fantasy drama series can take a look at work of different artists that captured on the paintings moments and characters of GOT. Paintings are made in different techniques: oil, watercolour, graphics. This is a heaven for a true and dedicated fan! As for me, I really want to go to Texas and visit this exciting place! 
And what is more, “Game of Thrones” comes back soon! I can’t wait! 

Sanjulian, “Game of Thrones”
Bruce White, “Tyrion Lannister”
Daniel Danger, “In the House of Immortals”
Craig Drake, “Daenerys Targaryen”

Jason Edmiston, “Mother of Dragons”
Joao Ruas, “Jaqen H’ghar”
Jock, “The Map”
Mia Araujo, “China, Ivory and Steel”

Richey Beckett, “Bran Stark”

Tom Bagshaw, “Prophecy”
xoxo, Enn.


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