Oh my God. Oh my God! These are my first skincare products from a well known brand Glossier (if you still don’t know it than GO AND CHECK IT OUT IMMEDIATELY!)

I’ve been wanting to try it for a really long time, but unfortunately they are located in the USA and don’t do a delivery to Russia. That’s why I order the product from a service that makes a delivery to Russia from different shops in the USA. But we are not talking about that.

These are my first products! I act like crazy I know but I really wanted them so bad. First of all I decided to purchase a Phase 1 Set that includes:

  1. priming moisturizer – I love this cream, it is lightweight and absorbs quickly into the skin. And you can use it as a primer for your make up routine.
  2. balm dotcom – this is my fav product from the set. You can use it on every part of your body that need an extra moisture. But I use it as a lip balm almost of the time.
  3. milky jelly cleanser –  really lightweight cleanser that is perfect for after make up removing routine (I don’t use it as a main make up remover, I use it after to complete the cleansing process)

All this product you can buy separately, links I located. Soon I will tell about other products form the brand, cause yes, these are not my last.

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