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I have never had one and only perfume that I could use for a very, very long time. All the time I was changing perfumes cause there always was something new in the market or cause my friends and family loved to present me new fragrances as gifts and every time I fell in love with them. But in all of this was one permanent: all the perfume I have been using had this special tasty sweet flavor.

And no matter how long I was trying to give up on sweet fragrances and end with…hm…more men-like as a result I always returned to the first. Evidently, this is my flavor, that perfectly matches my appearance, character, mood and, I guess, my life attitude. After all, all that is sweet always cheers us up, almost all the time tasty and prepossess. And it was not a surprise that when I firstly tried out Thierry Mugler limited edition of the famous Angel Eau Sucree I understood right away that this is my perfume. Light sweet flavor perfectly combines with transparent bright blue star bottle, which rays are covered with a notch in the form of small beads that look like sweet powdered sugar…The flavor that deliciously completes different styles, like a nice dessert after an excellent dinner. Eau Sucree will be the best Summer companion of every girl, which is, as me, not indifferent to sweetness.

 Thierry Mugler Angel Eau Sucree


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  1. Андрей
    12.04.2016 / 16:21

    подушись сегодня.
    хочу понюхать

    • facebook-profile-picture
      Enn Franco
      12.04.2016 / 16:26

      Хорошо 😀

    • facebook-profile-picture
      Enn Franco
      13.04.2016 / 00:21

      Ah thank you o much! <3

    • facebook-profile-picture
      Enn Franco
      13.04.2016 / 23:41

      Ah thank you so much!

    • facebook-profile-picture
      Enn Franco
      14.04.2016 / 09:16

      If you love sweet perfumes, I think you will totally fell in love and with this one)

    • facebook-profile-picture
      Enn Franco
      14.04.2016 / 11:21

      Спасибо)) Я стараааалась)))

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