New In: Make-up and Parfum

I’ve never been fond of buying cosmetics. I mean, I buy it only when my favourite mascara, lipstick or powder ends. But now all the time when I’m near make-up store, I go there to find something new in stock and even to buy something. 

I already did a great “what to buy” list, that consists only of MAC products. I think that now I’m turning into a real girl haha. Here are some make-up goods that I bought and received as a gift a few days ago.

 These are my favourites goods, that I use very often. Some of them I bought last year during my French summer.
My recent purchase from the MAC store. Pink one I bought last week and orange is a gift from my friend.
I am in love with this pink color. This lipstick has bright color and it is very stable during the whole day. 
Love it! Very neutral color, good for the everyday make-up. It is said, that it’s neutral frost pink, but I found it nearly orange, than pink. 
Clinique Superpowder Double Face in 07 matte neutral (MF-N). 
This is the best powder that I have ever been using. I’m using it for almost 2 years and it is fantastic powder. It makes my face look brighter and matte, and it helps to avoid shine on the face. But next time I want to try out MAC Blot powder.
This small bottle I bought last Summer at the very first day of my stay in Paris. I fell in love with this parfum. Very gentle fragrance that is perfect for Spring-Summer time. The big bottle I received as a gift from my parents from Nice.


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      Спасибо за отзыв!
      Помады замечательные)))

    • 05.03.2014 / 05:31

      Used to be a box for Laduree macaroons ahaha

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