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Finally the new Blog Tips post, and today I want to share amall tips on how and where correctly promote your blog to get a good reach and interest new audience 🙂

To be honest, all of you know how to promote your site but may be you are not sure if it’s gonna work in a good way. It wouldm believe me. Just remember: it’s not a one day process and you need to focus on all the platforms and social media in order to make a good reach. Today I will name 8 points where and how to make a promotion and in the nearest future I will explain each topics in different posts.

So let’s start 🙂

  1. Promotion on the social profiles (Vk, FB). After you made a blog post you make a crossposting to your main social profiles or you create you own fan pages (see, groups) where you make a crosposting. BUT! I kindly recommend you to set a different strategy for the fan page, cause this will help you to gain new visitors and subscribers.
  2. Special websites for bloggers. Here I can name Bloglovin’, Hello Blogger, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Niume and others. The process is simple: you create your profile, submit your content (except Bloglovin’), and that’s all, your blog and content is in the website base and everyone can see it – if they search them correctly.
  3. Linkedin. You wiil tell me, this is not a good platform for promoting your blog. And I will tell you, that you are absolutely wrong. Yes, it’s like your business card with all your experience in different fields, but here also you can find loads of good groups of interests where you can submit relevant content. By the way mainly all great companies and people have a profile here so in theory they can see your profile and your blog and who knows may be they will be your next readers.
  4. Twitter. Quietly the most useful social platform for bloggers. You make a post, cross post it to Twitter profile, mention people and profiles who can re-tweet your content, add relevant hashtags and that’s all! In some cases this field is complicated (140 simbols in a post), but if you spend some time exploring it, you will definitely find it as simple as 2×2=4. And forget about the #bloggers_chat.
  5. Instagram. I think this social media doesn’t need any explanations. Very usiful and, no matter what people say, very important in a modern world.
  6. Google+. Like Twitter many people underestimate this platform, but it gives really good reach. Also, you can find loads (I mean, LOADS) of great groups where you can promote your blog.
  7. Cooperation with other bloggers. Guests posts, projects, sharing Instagram pages – loads of good opportunities.
  8. Collaboration with brands and companies.  Like with bloggers you can as for a collaboration with brands for barter or for a payment (you can find information about the payment here)

Brief introduction to the greates posts coming soon. By the way, do you have another ideas where and how to promote the blog?


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      Enn Franco
      07.10.2015 / 15:44

      Thank you for reading <3

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      Enn Franco
      08.10.2015 / 15:57

      Очень рада, что ты оценила)

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      Enn Franco
      08.10.2015 / 17:53

      Всегда пожалуйста)

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