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It’s just the matter of time, but your blog can become something more than a hobby for you, and in order to make your content and work more accurate and take it to the high level you need to have a bloggers essential kit. Some of your keep asking me how to reach out agencies and brands, how to work with hotels and how make yourself more recognizable. And it is good that you ask me these questions, but I kindly recommend all of you before contacting brands and agencies to have the things, which I wrote below, in order for you to be a professional in your sphere. So, let’s start:

  1. Business Cards – you don’t need to make them look outstanding by using the most luxurious paper and ink, no. Just make them the most simple. Business cards should contain the most important information about how to reach you out, no one need to see the glitter, star and heart prints on them. You need to have the name of your company (or a banner if you have), your name and the position in the company, a mobile phone and an e-mail address. You don’t need to write down your full address, if you don’е have an office, just leave the city and the country.
  2. Media-kit – each well-known web source has a media-kit with the important and up to date information about it. And if your blog became more than a hobby for you, you definitely need to pay attention to that point and make your media-kit asap. What is more, when you decide to reach out brands and agencies and ask for a collaboration or something, you need to show them your media-kit. It’s like a business card of your project, like a passport. My media-kit you can check here. But don’t take it as the example, there is a lot more points that you can include in this document. Just google the articles on the web, they will definitely help you.
  3. Notebook – I can’t tell that this is the essential of all the essentials a blogger should have, but using this thing will truly ease your blogger life. In the notebook I write down quite everything that links with my project: meetings, new posts, blog promotion plan, blogpost schedule, collaboration ideas and many more. And if I forget something, the notebook will help me remember it.
  4. External battery – I think that this goodie doesn’t need any explanations 🙂 My phone dies all the time, it even can’t live all 24 hours. That’s why I always take with me the charging and look for a power socket. With the external battery you and me won’t face this kind of problems. Unfortunately, I still don’t have that thing in my life that’s why it is on the top of my New Year’s wish list!
  5. Good camera – if you still haven’t purchased a good camera for yourself I kindly recommend you do this, especially if you make blogposts with your own photos. I didn’t have this problem: when I started my project I already had a nice camera that had done quite good pictures, Canon 550d with the standard lens, which after a long period of time I replaced with the 50mm 1.8. Now I changed my old camera to a new absolutely fantastic one, Olympus Pen E-pl7, which creates amazing shots for the blog and Instagram. I always take it with me, to meetings, events and cafes, thanks it is small and light. And I really recommend it to all my friends.

For me these are the top things every blogger should have, especially fashion and lifestyle. And without which things you can’t imagine your blogger life? Share them in comments 🙂


    • facebook-profile-picture
      Enn Franco
      05.12.2015 / 12:20

      Умно)) Но без этих вещей в принципе ни один нормальный интернет-проект существовать не сможет)) Что уж тут говорить о профессиональном проекте.

  1. 07.12.2015 / 21:46

    Моя жизнь не обходится без фотографов с камерами минимум от 100 тыс (показатель, конечно, это опыт фотографа, но стекло играет главнейшую роль), для себя я тоже приобрела мини-камеру, в целом, все остальное ты озвучила .. 😉

    • facebook-profile-picture
      Enn Franco
      09.12.2015 / 10:48

      Поздравляю с мини камерой! Ура))) А какую?)

      • 16.12.2015 / 02:46

        Панасоник со стеклом Лейки…) Дороже всех этих олимпусов, не пожелавших со мной сотрудничество (:-DD) но там оптика мне очень пришлась по душе, плюс маленький и стильненький) Ах, да, ноут еще взяла) Ну все, это было последнее недостающее в списке (у меня всегда был стационарный комп).

    • facebook-profile-picture
      Enn Franco
      14.12.2015 / 17:44

      Ахах это верно)) А мне еще фотографий, поэтому пару раз в неделю выбираюсь в город, чтобы снимать))

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