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So as bloggers became one of the main components of mass media, and every fifth has his own Instagram, Twitter, Live Journal, Facebook page or a standing out blog, I decided to talk about very interesting, important and not easy topic – do bloggers need to be payed for their work? This question is also delicate because in Russia many brands and organizations still can’t understand the blogger phenomena and how to work with them.

I won’t be explaining in this article who the bloggers are. The main topic is to give or try to give an answer on the questing do the bloggers need to be payed for what they are doing. And this question has a few points.

If you are a brand or a company and you know who the bloggers are and how to work with them, so remember: in 70% blogger will be interested in earning a good financial compensation.  And it is absolutely normal. Bloggers are like other humans who spend their precious time on creating loads of good and interesting content. And indeed when I get an e-mail with words “I want to work with you”, we can already feel the financial undertone. Especially if you, a brand, reached out the blogger by yourself.

Sum: here you NEED to pay a blogger for his content, better in a financial way.

But we have another thing: blogger reaches the brand out and offers a collaboration. Here everything depends on the brand. If the brand is a huge, well known and financially stable organization, so the work needed to be payed. If you are a small organization, for example an interesting and promising start up, so here you can offer another kind of support – to write about the blogger on your online source, or mention him on all your social media platforms, invite to different events or even send him a gift or a yummy piece. Of course this won’t help a blogger pay the rent but still he will be glad to receive something from you.

Sum: if the blogger reaches you out by himself, then the amount and kind of support depends on the level of the brand/organization.

Blogger, no matter what other say and think, is still a profession even if it is a part time of a full time. Even if you still think the different way, whatever, it’s up to you, but still one fact is unchanged: blog – is the same work as any other job. Yes to some extent more simple and to other more difficult, but still it is a work and I am sure that all work must be payed. Especially if for someone it is a full time job, when he spends loads of time on creating his own content starting from photography and ending with a small full stop in the end of a sentence.


  1. 23.09.2015 / 02:57

    Awesome post. Now that I have brands reaching out to me 2-3 times a month to work, I have to make sure I am appropriately valuing my work and time. As freelancer, I would never do a project without expecting compensation so why should it not be the same as a blogger?


    • facebook-profile-picture
      Enn Franco
      23.09.2015 / 09:53

      Anastasia, great! That’s what I was talking about!

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