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I can’t imagine myself without black color. I think that black – is the most royal, simple and still very complicated color. And also it suits absolutely everyone and can be combined with all other colors. But these two points you already know.

My love for black color started around 7 years ago when I was fond of different subcultures like punks, goth, emo and others. I had loads of cool photos from those times but it’s a pity that they weren’t saved. Now I am not a goth or punk or emo anymore but my love for black color (and hard rock music too) is still with me. And I really can’t understand how is it possible not to love it! And since I am in love with classic garments, and we all know that black is a classic color, my love gets very abnormal nature. I mean, I can have 5 black dresses (and yes, I have them) but I need more. The same thing with shoes. And bags. And sunglasses. Black sunnies are the icing on the cake in the wardrobe of every girl. I would have never bought red or pink sunnies if I didn’t have a classic one – black. And still I do love searching for black sunglasses in stores, even if I have already 3 black pairs. The abnormal love. And I really want to have those new Dior mirrored sunnies but as I was craving for Celine glasses – the brand that I love with the deep of my heart – I made my decision for the second option. And may my wardrobe break from the black items, whether handbags, sunnies or dresses, I think I will never give this special place in my heart to other color. And may black is already so trite, but still every year I am very pleased with it again and again.

Photography by Artyom Alyoshin

Sunglasses – Celine (via KupiVip)

 Blazer – Zara

Blouse – Betty Jackson

Pants – Ralph Lauren

Bag – Chanel

Enn Franco Says, Celine Sunglasses, Fashion blogger, KupiVip

Enn Franco Says, Celine Sunglasses, Fashion blogger, KupiVip

Enn Franco Says, Celine Sunglasses, Fashion blogger, KupiVip


  1. Margarita Maslova
    19.10.2015 / 13:23

    “Любовь к тяжелой музыке” – дай пять, сестра))
    Образ прекрасен, лаконичен. Тебе очень идет классика, выглядишь органично и стильно!
    Ах, эта сумка…Рыба моей мечты…

    Welcome in my blog Ritalifestyle ¦ Instagram @m_margaritka

    • facebook-profile-picture
      Enn Franco
      19.10.2015 / 13:51

      Лови пятюню! 😀
      Ой спасибо тебе большое, так приятно))
      Классику люблю уже очень давно и это точно взаимно)

  2. Theioanna
    19.10.2015 / 21:17

    Я сейчас будто о себе прочла) я тоже обожаю чёрный цвет, и его у меня больше всего в гардеробе. И полюбила я его так же со времён популярности готов и эмо, хотя никогда не хотела к ним принадлежать)
    Теперь для меня чёрный цвет это Коко Шанель и элегантность в чистом виде:)

    • facebook-profile-picture
      Enn Franco
      19.10.2015 / 22:29

      И вот я не понимаю, как его можно не любить)
      А вот про Коко Шанель Вы в точку сказали))

  3. 20.10.2015 / 00:58

    Very nice Celine sunglasses. If you ever need the Dior Mirrored sunglasses, we can surely give you a deal 🙂

    • facebook-profile-picture
      Enn Franco
      20.10.2015 / 07:51

      Oh that would be really great 🙂
      Let’s keep in touch!

    • facebook-profile-picture
      Enn Franco
      21.10.2015 / 09:46

      Oh thanks so much for your kind words)

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