I always wanted to wear this hat, but every time I put it on, I realised that I don’t like how it matches the entire look. But today was another thing! It matches perfectly with what I was wearing, and wearing this hat remind me a parisienne who’s style I love so much!

And you know, this hat I bought from Paris last Summer during my short for a month French life. And I think that it was a destiny to buy this accessory! I always loved hats because with one hat you can create gentle and romantic look and with the same hat you can make something rock&roll grunge outfit! I will be heading to Paris in less than a month and I will definitely take my lovely goodie with me.
I quite often remember my last summer in Paris, places that I visited, things that I did there, people I met. Thanks God I’ve made a lot of photos so I can look at them every time I want to refresh my memories! I remember my shopping time, things that were in my wish-list and which I bought. One of them was my fav Carven Safari bag that you can see me wearing on the photos. And another one was my little cobalt Furla bag (will show you it later) that I was dreaming for ages! I always wanted to have a bright blue bag and now I have it! I bought it in one of the biggest shopping outlets in the world – La Vallee Village that located in the suburbs of Paris, near the Disneyland Paris. La Vallee Village is one of the outlets in the world from Chic Outlet Shopping that provides it’s visitors a huge variety of different luxury brands and their goodies for a great discount like Michael Kors, Valentino, Sandro, Burberry, Carven, Celine, Dolce and Gabbana, Furla and other. The whole list of brands you can see here. By the way there are also a great variety of cafes and restaurants where you can sit, have a drink/lunch and relax before continuing your shopping marathon! Also here are other outlet villages in Europe like Ingolstadt Village in Munich and Wertheim Village in Frankfurt. I definitely need to visit them too!
In the end of April, when I will be in Paris I will definitely go to La Vallee Village outlet to find another wish-list items, like fav Red Valentino dress

And here is what I would probably be wearing while doing shopping there. Very comfortable outfit, warm duffle coat can be put of if it will be not so cold as now in Moscow, small bag is very roomy so I can put there keys, purse and some beauty essentials. And the perfect hat. Just to make me believe that I am a true parisienne!
Duffle coat, scarf – Burberry
Boots – Freelance
Bag – Carven
Hat – H&M
Shirt – Diesel
Leggings – Max&Co
Necklace – Chopard
Lipstick – MAC Diva
Nail polish – H&M Ice Ice Baby


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