Thanks for the memories.

I am so sorry for not posting. I am working now all the week, I come home very tired, I only have 
dinner, read a few articles in the new issue of Vogue and then go to bed. But, I promise to post new look in the end of this week! My new lovely shirt just arrived and it really wants to be photographed ahah. So stay tuned!
A few days ago when I was cleaning my room and wardrobes and I found 3 invitations for the Moscow Fashion Week last Fall and this Winter. Huge amount of memories appeared in my mind! This was an amazing part of the 2012 and 2013 that have just started. So many beautiful garments! So many talented designers! One day I hope to show my own collection on the runaway, just like these designers did. And also I hope that this year I can attend fashion week one again. 
Here are the video that reminds me about this part of my life and photos, that I made during this shows. Sorry for the Instagram photos, I was so excited to visit fashion week that I forgot to take my camera with me 🙂


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