Living in France: Saint Paul.

I continue telling you about my french summer and next town that I visited is Saint Paul. It is located near Vence, and sometimes people call this town Saint Paul de Vence. This is another little perched town, which tells everyone that it has it’s own story and beauty. Saint Paul is surrounded by the wide solid wall, which in ancient times protected town from enemies. But now this wall is used as a viewpoint or just as a footpath. Saint Paul is full of flowers, well actually as every other French towns, little houses and small cafes and restaurants, where you can find people having their branch. Also I found in Saint Paul a lot of atelier and small exhibition halls, where people can buy something that is already on the market or they can order something special to be done for them. 
And what I consider the most important thing to be said about Saint Paul is that there, near the main entrance, is located very famous restaurant La Colombe d’Or. This place is famous for it’s visitors, among whom I will name Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Yves Montand and other who left their masterpiece there as present for this beautiful and grateful place. So if you decide to visit Saint Paul and have branch in La Colombe d’Or you should book table in advance, six month prior to the visit. But, you know, this place is worth a visit 😉


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      Thanks a lot sweetheart!) I hope your dream will come true soon)

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