Living in France: Vence.

The next stop in my summer adventure on Cote d’Azur was Vence. It is a town located in the mountain valley far enough from the sea coast, so it took me around 40 minutes to reach this peaceful town by bus. But it was worth it! I really love this small town, with very friendly people, calm and charming atmosphere. When I with my family got there, we went to the cafe to drink coffee and we met 2 old women who told us about interesting tourists points to visit and wished us good luck in our journey! After the cafe we were walking down the small streets, found one street market, but unfortunately it was closing, so we just moved further. Found a lot of different small restaurants, full of people, shops, were vendors sold olives and other things that are made from them: soap, olive oil, paints and many more. In the end of our journey to Vence we went back to the centre square where everyone could play petanque – a game where players try to beat each other by using metal balls, which they throw and measure the distance between the player’s balls and the small, main, one. While I was watching this game I realised that this comfy atmosphere is made by strong relationships between every citizens of Vence, who know each other for a very long time, help each other, share memories and spend time together. 
I hope that one day I will come back to this small town, sit at the same cafe and feel this kind of atmosphere that is absolutely perfect for me.


  1. 19.09.2013 / 02:04

    Oh WOW! This place is so quaint and colorful, your photos look like paintings! Would be nice if I could go sometime.

    • 19.09.2013 / 16:01

      Спасибо большое!
      Заходила к вам в блог, очень понравился!) Читаю)

  2. 19.09.2013 / 17:30

    This place looks like heaven!

  3. 26.09.2013 / 09:57

    Wow, great pictures!
    Nice colors and feels like real summer! Also You have so many pictures about bougainville flower, it´s my total favorite!!!!! 🙂

    • 27.09.2013 / 19:18

      Thanks a lot! And you have a great blog!

    • 01.10.2013 / 18:53

      Thanks so much. I am glad that you love them!

  4. 02.10.2013 / 09:46

    All the photos were so beautiful, especially the ones with the flowers.
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  5. 03.10.2013 / 22:01

    cant believe how sunny and happy it looks x

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