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You won’t believe, but today in Moscow snowy again! It’s 19 March and it’s snowy! I really tired of this kind of weather. I need more sun, more heat and I need the real Spring with flowers, +15C, green grass and just the real Spring that every other countries have! But I heard that in the end of the week it’s gonna be +16C so I hope that it will be so. 

Today the whole day I spent at home, doing my university practise work, it was and still huge one! Only in the end of the day i went to make photos for my France visa. It’s only 1 month left until I will be back to Paris! I can’t wait! 
Now the only thing I have to do is to decide what places I need to visit there and what to buy of course haha. 
Bracelets which my darling friend made for me.
My lovely alpaca fluffy toy, present for New Year <3
I hope you are having great week, loves! What have you been doing today? 


  1. 20.03.2014 / 19:37

    soaking in the sunny day finally in nyc – love your photos and blog and followed you on bloglovin! 🙂

    xoxo hobovogue ღ

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