Gentle, charming and so irresistible. This is what I can say about flowers. I can’t take my eyes of them while I am struggling in the park, or having a little break during the day, sitting in the cafe with coffee. 

Flowers are so unusual, so mysterious, though they are a part of everyday life. But I think even if you have hundred, thousands years of living, it won’t be enough to know everything about this phenomenon.

This post will contain a lot of inspiring pictures of flowers and floral prints. I think that for this summer (to be honest, for every summer) every girl should have something with floral print. And if you are in love with nature, “wearing” flowers will help you to be the greatest part of it.


  1. 08.07.2014 / 12:57

    Цветы в голове, цветы в платьях – это очень прекрасно и по-летнему. Мечтаю делать себе венки из искусственных цветов, но, увы, не могу такие найти у меня в городе.

  2. 09.07.2014 / 16:23

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