I always wanted to visit United States. I love their culture, language, cities and, of course, food 😀 I like to come to different diners here in Moscow to eat my favs burgers, drink delicious milk shakes (Have you tasted Oreo milk shake? You definitely need to!) and chat with friends. 

For this time I decided to start my day with a breakfast in Starlite Diner with my friend where I ordered belgium waffles for the first (!!!) time. Oooh this was just awesome haha! After this big portion of perfect waffles I understood that the whole day will be great and nothing can spoil it.
I really hope to visit USA one day. May be next Summer? Fingers crossed!
Do you like diners? Burgers? Waffles? Hahaha!

Blouse – Romwe
Jeans – Massimo Dutti
Sandals – Prada
Lipstick – MAC Chatterbox


  1. 23.05.2014 / 20:14

    Wauw, this is a really cool place to go 🙂 and your outfit, I like it a lot!

  2. 24.05.2014 / 04:39

    Ok I'm obsessed with everything about this post!! Your outfit is fantastic and this backdrop is just too perfect! And now I also really, really, really want waffles.

    Jessie at

    • 28.05.2014 / 10:10

      Waffles are the best! Want them right now haha

  3. 24.05.2014 / 09:34

    Amazing outfit and location! I have always wanted to go to a real diner like this, but we don't have any in my country and it's really expensive to travel to America!

    • 28.05.2014 / 10:11

      Yes it is( But I still want to go there!

  4. 27.05.2014 / 09:43

    Love diners !
    Your shirt is really cool 😉

  5. 28.05.2014 / 15:05

    Мне нравится такой расслабленный chic 😉 Тебе очень идет! И ответ на твои вопросы – ЯЯЯЯ! Я люблю бургеры, милкшейки, вафли, печенья и т.д.! И Америку посетить тоже в списке to do 😉

    • 29.05.2014 / 06:31

      А я как их люблю ахаха Если б не моя склонность к полноте, я бы ела такое каждый день ахаха)
      Спасибо, мне всегда приятно читать твои отзывы <3
      Вот да! Обязательно посетить Америку! Безумно хочу в NY и Майями! Но больше всего в Майями, это моя мечта!

  6. 28.05.2014 / 23:53

    I love your outfit !

    You have a nice blog, keep up the good work =D

    If you want, you can check out my fashion and fitness blog and if you like it, maybe we could follow each other ?

    Hope you'll say yes,


    • 30.05.2014 / 06:57

      Спасибо Вам большое)

  7. 29.05.2014 / 23:21

    Sparked a huge craving for waffles! They aren't too popular over here in Australia and these photos have made my mouth water! I think I need to look up a recipe 😉 x

  8. 30.05.2014 / 14:46

    oh i so want to taste an oreo milkshake now,i love oreos and milkshakes and both of them together sounds too good to be true 🙂
    your striped blouse is so pretty on you,great look

  9. 31.05.2014 / 21:39


  10. 07.07.2014 / 14:35

    I also dream about trip to the America ♥ Maybe our dream is already close to fulfill? :)) xoxo

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