When it comes to the checked garments I totally can’t resist buying them. I love all kind of check, all kind of colors! And this jacket was not the exception. 

I was craving buying it for quite a long time last year but I couldn’t find it anywhere. And then I accidentally stumbled upon it in Paris ZARA store. And what else, it was with a great sale! So I wasn’t thinking about anything, I just took it, paid and walked away with a great smile on my face.
It was a love at a first sight. And now this perfect piece of clothes is mine and it perfectly matches almost everything in my wardrobe.
What about yours fav garments? Tell me about them!

Jacket, dress, necklace – ZARA
Hat – H&M
Boots – Free Lance
Bracelet – Anne Klein
Lipstick – Rouge Dior, Rouge Blossom


  1. 03.04.2014 / 18:30

    пиджак отличный! сама была в поисках похожего, и удалось приобрести тоже только недавно ) на том самом фото в универе с инстаграма, с чего все и началось 😀


    • 04.04.2014 / 09:57

      Спасибо большое, я его люблю безмерно!
      Ох, тот пиджак потрясающий! Клетка-клетка!!! <3

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