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Another windy day in Moscow, but fortunately it was sunny, so that’s why day wasn’t so dull. Btw these photos were take on Friday, when I decided to go with my friend to the Moscow City, where those skyscrapers located! 

I love these kind of architecture. I love modern style in everything. And while standing there, looking up the sky, looking at those massif buildings, I realised that this is a perfect beauty for me. That’s why I want to visit New York, city, that is full of such beauty, city, that is made of it! And I hope that one day, my dream will come true. 
Wearing this classy suit, I imagined myself being one of those lucky ones, who work is this kind of place. To make my outfit not so strict, I put on my sneakers and blue polo, and I think that I made everything in a right way!

Suit – ZARA
Bag, sneakers – Prada
Polo – Ralph Lauren 
Sunglasses – ASOS
Lipstick – MAC Chatterbox


  1. 16.03.2014 / 20:11

    Emm, I like your jacket. Strong-shoulder jackets are my fave because of my narrow shoulders. Great polo too. I am really into that color. Hopefully, your NYC dream will come true one day.


    • 17.03.2014 / 06:05

      Thanks so much for your comment honey <3

  2. 16.03.2014 / 20:36

    You look amazing Enn, so chic and sophisticated! x

    • 17.03.2014 / 06:06

      Oh thanks for this comment love, a lot <3

  3. 17.03.2014 / 06:03

    very chic and casual, love it!

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