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I’m here, I’m here, no worries! I was away for a few weeks but it doesn’t mean that I stopped blogging, no, gosh, no.
The case is that I was in my favorite France getting the best of it: I just could leave this place even for a minute, cause pure blue sea, great Provence towns and the best local food were just what I wanted – in 3 words – I enjoyed all!

But yes I prepared something special and for you too: a small travel diary where I tried to capture all the inspiring moments and things that I met and saw during my french vacances, and I will show them in the nearest future. But for now…Summer is in it’s final end. And I feel so sad all the time now, I just can’t understand how this Summer flew so fast in front of me. Further more, the end of Summer always comes with another point – I am getting older. It’s only a few days until my 22 Birthday! Please stop the time! For my B-day I will prepare something special for all of us – something that will let you know more about me, and I hope you will like this kind of things haha

So, radio silence is over, finally. There are only new great fashion and lifestyle projects ahead, new blog tips posts and trends and fashion infos. And yes, I am still working on the new version of Enn Franco Says and I really hope it will go live really soon!
And how about your Summer? Tell all about it!
Blazer – Zara
Blouse – Maison Scotch
Trousers – Ralph Lauren
Sandals – Prada
Bag – Louis Vuitton
Rings – Asos
Enn Franco Says, Fashion Blog, Fashion outfit, Bloggers, Zara black blazer


  1. 31.08.2015 / 15:23

    Отличный образ! Мое лето прошло так работа-дом- работа, ничего необычного)). В этом году не удалось именно летом съездить к морю.

    • facebook-profile-picture
      Enn Franco
      01.09.2015 / 13:22

      Эх, зато я очень надеюсь, что ты в Москве отлично провела время) Ведь главное не где, а с кем)

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