Sun Rays

Today I spent the whole day with my best friend. We celebrated International Women’s Day in cafe, went shopping and bought new cosmetics. About new purchase I will tell lately, I am in love with them! Can’t wait to tell you about what I bought!

After coffee time we went to the park near my house, were walking, talking and laughing, and of course, made new photos. We always make photoshoots when we are together. I hope that on our next meeting we’ll make new great shots.
The weather was great for the beginning of March. Not so cold as in February, but also not so warm as in May. But the snow is already gone and that means that it’s gonna be warmer soon. I really can’t wait to put on my fav Converse, leather jacket and get rid of boots and coats! I hope that I can do this it two weeks. 
So today I decided to put on that duffle coat, quite warn one, so I thought that I can put on skirt with tights except of wearing trousers. Also I love these boots. They don’t have any heels, that’s why it makes them so comfortable for me. I love heels, but I can’t wear them everyday and the whole day, and that really makes me sad. I knew that today we will be walking a lot, that’s why I chose to wear them.

Duffle coat, scarf – Burberry
Boots – Prada
Bag – Chanel
Skirt – Zara
Striped Blouse – Romwe
Photos by my dear friend Mary.


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    wonderful post!I really like your blog! That's why I follow you now 😉 would be nice if you'd visit me, too 🙂
    Kisses, Alina

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