Have you heard about Woopidoo? No? So this post is definitely for you! If you like eating clean but sometimes you think that you really need something sweet and not healthy enough, and also something that highly above 400 calories, you really need to try this great, absolutely healthy cupcakes from Woopidoo cafe!

These cupcakes are steamed and the recipe is based on Japanese cooking technology. I tried one and I really liked it! Sponge cake is so soft that simply melts in mouth. Inside cupcakes there are strawberry or peach jam that’s not so sweet, for good. As I am a great sweet-tooth I found this desert very tasty. Recommended!
By the way, yesterday was a nice Summer market held by Woopidoo cafe in one of local parks. There was small showrooms with beautiful Summer garments, Palaroid corner, where everyone could purchase this cute camera (I really need it, in blue or pink, still can’t decide), corner with loafers and jewelry. Also, if you suddenly caught up with inspiration, you could take paint and brushes and draw something on the easel near the lake. Or if are not interested in everything written here, you could just sit on the beautiful terrace, order these tasty cupcakes or something more nourishing and enjoy Summer.
Кафе Woopidoo находится по адресу Гончаровский парк, улица Руставели, дом 7. Эта веранда открыта только летом, остальное время по Москве ходят милые ретро вагончики Woopidoo, где тоже можно купить их вкусные кексы.
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I am wearing:
Shorts – Boss
T-shirt – Theory
Shoes – Converse
Sunglasses – ASOS
Bracelet – Milu Fashion


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