Everyday Life: Random Shots

Some random shots that I did during the week. 
They won’t make any sense, just for fun and for you to know what my everyday life looks like.

The main building of my university.
One of family dinners, backed tomatoes with herbs, smoked salmon and upcoming backed potatoes that are not on the shot.
One of my breakfast of those days when I don’t need to study in the week. Quiche with salmon and spinach cooked by my Mom and morning coffee from my fav Starbucks Christmas cup.
Yummy backed peppers prepared for lunch with curly flower cream soup.
Sorry for food spam haha! But I think that now there will be a lot of this kind of pictures on the blog.
At home I have a lot of flowers and plants. They can be seen in the living room and kitchen.
My fav MAC lipsticks that I love so much! I need mooore of them haha!


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