It’s summer officially!

Now, when I passed all my exams, my summer has officially started! I am so happy! No more studying, exams, university, just me and my perfect summer. Only 1 month left till I go to the airport and fly to Paris. Only one mooonth! I can’t wait! Gonna make a lot of pictures there and new posts about my life in Paris. And after – sea in Cannes with family.

But now, here are some insta-photos that I took during June. Enjoy them 🙂
Favourite summer delights! Can eat them everyday!
Me before my exam. Preparing and drinking loads of coffee!
Me after my exam. Relaxing in my lovely Starbucks, having lunch.
Found absolutely gorgeous dress! Gonna buy it soon!
Having a nice day in the park with my darling friend. Sun is shining!
Finally my shirt arrived! Thanks Romwe for this cutie. There will me a new outfit post so stay tuuned!


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