Fashion Brand: Sretsis

Absolutely accidentally found this girly American fashion brand Sretsis. This brand was created by the young fashion designer Pim Sukhahuta who was graduated from the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York. The Sretsis brand is a collaboration between Pam and her sisters, Kly and Matina, who play greatest role in brand creating and leading. That’s why Sretsis is Sisters spelled backwards – 3 sisters in the world of fashion!
All Sretsis collections are absolutely light, dolly and sometimes not from this world. Each collection reminds me of my childhood, when I was small little girl wearing pink, blue and white light dresses, shirts, skirts. Also, there is something fairy-taled. Those pretty prints on light fabrics, fluffy frills and like-princess style – all this things every girl will probably like! 
I found Sretsis store in Paris, so this summer I will go there and look, touch or even try on every garment that I will find there. 
Here are some photos from Sretsis spring-summer 2013 collection. Enjoy! 🙂

More photos and collections can be found on Sretsis Official Store.
xoxo, Enn.


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