Fashion Set: Prada-Dandy Girl.

One of my favorite budget fashion brands is TopShop and favorite luxury brand is Prada. So when I accidentally found this gorgeous dandy jacket and trousers set on the TopShop online store I absolutely fell in love with it and made new tick in my long and endless wish list. After a few minutes of staring at this beauty I understood that I MUST by this set because…. I have perfect Prada heels and bag for it! 
Firstly I liked the black and deep blue colour pallet, but then I thought that this outfit is missing something. I decided to add a red lipstick and a ring with big red-and-white stone, and I wasn’t wrong. Red colour is a great idea to make your outfit look more bright and attractive. I think that red colour matches everything, but, of course, we shouldn’t overdo with it. 
In my opinion, this is a new way classic look, and every girl and young woman should have some kind of outfit in her wardrobe.
Jacket and trousers set – TopShop
Heels, bag, purse – Prada
Ring – Yves Saint Laurent
Nail polishes – OPI
Lipstick – D&G
Jewellery – unknown brand

xoxo, Enn.


    • 21.04.2013 / 17:16

      Yes, this Prada bag is soo perfect! My favorite bag, wear it almost all the time!

    • 21.04.2013 / 17:18

      This jacket and trousers set is one love! Really gonna buy it! Must have, if you like classic looks)

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