I think that from this time every Monday I will publish posts about my fashion craving. Every week I find something new and interesting for me in stores so this post will help you to know what kind of fashion stuff I like and help me not to forget about them haha
Recently I found this perfect vine red cardigan from Freak of Nature brand on ASOS and I totally fell in love with it! I can imagine different looks with it, and everyday and evening too. Here is one look that I think most of you will like. 
I decided to make some kind of rock&roll diva girl, with hair on one site, earcuffs (H&M) and dark makeup with dark vine red lips and smoky eyes. 
Short biker leather skirt from H&M that I was dreaming of for quite a long time perfectly matches this outfit, black jumper from MANGO with high neck will help you to manage with cold wind and not to wear scarf.
And what is definitely a must have for this season are grunge black boots with cut outs. These are from ASOS. You can wear them with socks or with tights ore even of bare leg if it is quite warm. 
About the makeup I already said but here are some tips: for dark lips you can use MAC Diva or MAC Media lipsticks and for smoky eyes palettes from H&M. I think that here you can have black and grey or dark brown colors.
So what do you think about this goodies? Did you fall in love with something? 
Tell me about it!


  1. 31.03.2014 / 11:02

    хорошая подборка ) и мне нравится идея с таким мудбордом каждый понедельник ))


    • 31.03.2014 / 11:15

      Спасибо) Отчлино! Тогда каждый понедельник новый вишлист пост 😉

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