Today is Monday, and here is new craving post!
You know, for this time on this set you can see mostly everything I keen on buying!
The first piece is this ZARA leather skirt! I have 2 same skirts in cobalt and black colors, and now I want the same one but in leather. I know, such things can not be cured haha!
Another one is this perfect jeans shirt! I think, that this kind of garments should be in everyone’s wardrobe, because you can wear it absolutely with everything! This one is from H&M by the way.
I am in love with Converse. Unfortunately, I have only to pairs of this keds, in black and beige, and know I think it’s time to buy in white too! This is perfect shoes for Summer, you can wear almost with everything!
Leather bag from H&M. I don’t know if it’s still in stock in Moscow shops. If not, so I will try to find another one, may be even better.
MAC Heroine. We don’t have this lipsticks in Moscow MAC stores, unfortunately, I hope, that in Paris I will find this goodie. I love this deep dark violet color! And I think it will be cool to wear it with 2-colored manicure, black and violet too.
From this wish-list I already bought only one thing: perfect black hat from ASOS. I really hope that it will arrive to me soon.
What do you think about this craving post? Do you want to buy something from it?
Tell me about it!


    • 07.04.2014 / 11:30

      Me too! I will buy it if it's still in stock!

  1. 07.04.2014 / 20:51

    сумка!!! где-то видела похожую, но не припомню уж теперь… ) как всегда, классный выбор!


    • 08.04.2014 / 04:42

      Спасибо большое, Юленька) Я вроде ее тоже вставляла в какой-то сет. Видимо, сильно она мне понравилась ахах

  2. 08.04.2014 / 12:45

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  3. 14.04.2014 / 22:48

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