It was long time ago when I ordered something from ASOS for the last time. And only yesterday I purchased new cute stuff for myself! 

First, this vine cardigan from Freak of Nature that I think you already saw here
Second, is that ASOS leather dolly dress! I already have one dolly dress from ZARA that you can see here, but this time…it’s made from LEATHER! Actually I love leather garments, skirts, shorts, jackets and pants. In my wish list I have leather shorts and pants that must be in my wardrobe!
And the last thing from this purchase was this perfect ASOS hat! I was looking for this king of hat for quite a long time! For me this model reminds me of myself 6-7 years ago when I was rock&roll addict person, wearing dark clothes, lining my eyes with dark pencil and wearing smoky eyes. And of course, I shouldn’t forget about black manicure haha! But I didn’t have a hat like this one on the picture. 
And only yesterday I found it and now I can’t wait for my goodie to arrive! 
I think, that the last straw was this pictures of my fav guy wearing this kind of hat! Yes, I am still obsessed with rock&roll music and…men haha
I hope that Russian Post won’t be so slow and that my stuff will arrive before the 26 April, cause I really want to take these goodies with we to Paris.
So what do you think about this pieces? Have you ever ordered something from ASOS
Tell me about it!


    • 05.04.2014 / 11:57

      Shoes are perfect! Another wish-list tick!

    • 06.04.2014 / 06:05

      Thanks a lot!
      He is so stylish, don't you think?)

    • 06.04.2014 / 19:28

      Oh yes! It's perfect!
      And thanks a lot for the comment))

  1. 07.04.2014 / 00:02

    I'm crazy about that Freak of Natura cardigan! Love that brand, wear it all the time. x

    Amen Fashion †

    • 07.04.2014 / 05:53

      Oh thanks so much! I hope it will arrive to me soon!

  2. 08.04.2014 / 09:57

    I made my first online purchase at Asos and then I never stopped, yesterday I received my latest purchase. I'm not a fan of leather dress but this you chose is cute.

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