Fashion Set: Spring-Summer Time.

Well, in Moscow it is very hot nowadays, and it’s really hard to believe that only a week ago it was cold and windy. And now everyone wear bright clothes made from light fabrics: skirts, shorts, beautiful dresses and much more! Today I saw a man who was already wearing shorts with Convers and it is really inspired me to put on my jeans shorts, Tod’s ballerinas, light shirt and go to the park, not to the university haha! But unfortunately, I need to study for about 2 weeks before week-holiday in May, after  I gonna pass all my exams and, yes, finally summer time, yey! But, first, I need to buy new clothes for spring-summer 2013, and I already know, what I need for this perfect holidays! 🙂 Went today to the mall and found some interesting garments in store, so I decided to make some looks and To-Buy list. Maybe you will find something interesting for you too. Enjoy! 🙂

I tried on this cute pink skirt, and suddenly I created in my mind a perfect summer look! I am in love with pink and orange combination. And if I find this wedges or other similar – I will buy all other things to complete this look. It is quite simple, but it absolutely have something interesting in it, and I think it is because of the colours. Hope you like it! 🙂
This look I decided to make when I tried on checked green shirt from Zara. Unfortunately, I didn’t find exactly the same shirt on Polyvore, so sad, but, this one is quite the same, so let think that it is from Zara 🙂 This July I want to go to the Moscow music festival Picnic of Afisha (it is something like Coachella in USA), that is organised by the popular Russian leisure magazine, and this festival is held annually on the open air. And this summer I want to join this cool event and this is my gonna-be look, if I buy ticket. I really like checked shirts combined with jeans shorts, rock style bracelets and rings and hippie necklaces, that’s why I decided to try on feather necklace, I think it is a perfect match for this outfit.
This is one of my dream outfits! I’m so in love with this flower crown! I’m gonna order it as soon as possible to wear this summer! I just need to find short or long chiffon dress or dress from other light material and I’m in it! This is perfect choice for the date outfit, don’t you agree? 🙂 I decided to take calm accessorises, sandals and to pay attention to the make up (red lips), bag (red Valentino clutch is a great idea) and the head accessorise – red flowers crown. Perfect! 
These are my 3 favourite spring-summer looks that I created while I was shopping. Actually I have a lot more ideas, but I will post them a little bit late, so stay tuned 🙂
Here is my wish-list, may be some of my wishes are similar to yours, just take a look:
  • more checked shirts – addicted to them!
  • wedges! I like them more then heels, they are more comfortable for me.
  • a lot of different accessorises like bracelets, necklaces, rings and the number one site to order from is ASOS!
  • jeans and shorts, I think these are the most comfortable garments in the world!
  • chiffon black long pleated skirt – I have one perfect look with this thing, but it is for the windy and  cool weather, for the fall I think, but oh well, I will post it lately 🙂
  • beautiful light dresses
  • sandals

xoxo, Enn.


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